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NBR has 5 steps in the planning and creating of your perfect space. We take care of your entire project from beginning to end with a single point of contact– from initial concept through construction, including design, budgeting, engineering, obtaining permits, and scheduling. We assume responsibility for the project from start to finish streamlining the entire process. Also they are  commercial general contractors san francisco, construction management services san francisco


We meet face to face to look at your space. This is the fun part. Talk about what you like, how you use the space today, what works and doesn’t work. If you want, show us pictures of your “dream” space. We’ll discuss ballpark estimates of the overall project, construction budgets and timelines. In this stage, we will be focusing on matching your budget to a design in process


In step 2, we will set a design fee and arrange a time to measure your space. We will bring in engineers or any other specialties required for the project. Within 2-4 weeks of gathering measurements, we will create a preliminary design– enhancing it with actual examples of visual spaces to give you an idea of the look and feel to be created. We’ll tweak the design and work with you until it is perfect.


NBR will create a budget for the project with proposed materials and timelines. It may not include all the particulars (exact materials), but it will capture enough to begin the permit process and soon thereafter construction.


A Construction Contract will be executed and a start date will be determined with the client. Introductions will be made to our construction team and to any other crew members expected to be on the premises regularly. We will discuss protocol and guidelines that need to be followed during the project.


We will complete the project with as much or as little homeowner input as desired. There will be constant interaction between the Designers, Drafters, Construction Foreman and any other Critical Stakeholders throughout the project. Once the project is completed, we will do a final walk-through and shortly after final inspections with the building department.

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